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Data Migration/Integration

  • Data Migration : Data Migration is the process of moving data from one system to another, which is often necessary steps in order to set up a new system while utilizing the data that already exists in the current.
  • Data Integration : Data Integration is the process of building and maintaining the synchronizing of data between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and another system.

The value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a market leading customer relationship management solution, is increased when integrated to other solutions. Few of the common integration tools for Dynamics CRM are:

  • Data Import Wizard : The Import Wizard is the simplest way to get data into CRM, and it recommended for moving small batches of records (5,000 at a time). Data from the source needs to be put into a flat file (.xml, .csv, or .xls format). The Data Import Wizard is a great starting point for customers who have an initial need to import data (for example an extract from Sales Force). However, for ongoing data integration needs it is not a viable solution.
  • Smart Connect : SmartConnect is an integration, migration and synchronization tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Whether you are looking to import spreadsheets containing new leads, migrate data from another system or integrate your CRM into your entire enterprise SmartConnect is an available option.
  • Scribe : Scribe is a Microsoft supported tool that is a SAS tool with many different packages for different levels of service. This tool is great when trying to integrate with other databases that might not have an adapter built. The Scribe template is used with Scribe Insight and the Adapter for Dynamics CRM, so customers can use the product to easily integrate with other in-house systems, import leads from their Web site in real-time, load marketing lists, integrate with order entry systems, and migrate data from previous customer systems.
  • SSIS : When there is a tremendous amount of data to be moved, millions of records, an SSIS package might be necessary. This realm of an SSIS package would require a developer who has both C# and SQL knowledge. SSIS is able to do the same functionality as Scribe but it is a package being coded instead of the use of a UI.