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Portal Development

Oftentimes in the world of Dynamics CRM, the need arises for non-CRM users to gain access to CRM data. A common solution is the implementation of a web portal which allows these users to perform certain actions on applicable CRM data. Microsoft offers two portal solutions: the Customer Portal and the Partner Relationship Management Portal.These are managed solutions, can be easily imported into any CRM environment, and come with detailed instructions on how to quickly and efficiently deploy.

ADX Customer Portal

ADX ( www.Adxstudio.com ) offers CRM integrated Portals with deep functionality to integrate various CRM modules into their Portals. Adxstudio Portals for Dynamics CRM provides web portals that can be turned on without the need for technical development, providing a wealth of pre-configured and configurable portal applications that are mobile and device ready and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises while leveraging Dynamics CRM as the built-in backend database.

With hundreds of updates, enhancements and new features, every Adxstudio Portals release is value- packed. Key features:

  • Cloud Hosted and Software License options
  • Fully compatible with CRM Online
  • Deeper, personalized portals experiences using Entity Permissions
  • Dynamic web templates using Liquid Markup
  • CRM form sub-grid display