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Third Party Integrations

We understand that a business will have its data in various systems and there is a need to integrate these systems to ensure a complete view of the business.

Our deep expertise with 3rd Party integrations for CRM Online will ensure that you have your data at your finger tips!

Sample Integrations Completed

Mercury-Payment Gateway

Our client wanted to process credit cards from CRM and was already using Mercury as their Payment Gateway. Working closely with our client and the Mercury team, we successfully completed this integration, allowing our client to process payments from within CRM. Some key features of the final solution are listed below:

  • Ability to process payments, partial payments and refunds from within CRM Online.
  • Capture partial payment information and amount due for processing at a later date.
  • Store credit card information on Mercury’s secure servers, hence not storing sensitive credit card information in CRM.
  • A custom Payment button on the entity record to access the payment processing functionality through a custom HTML window in CRM.


Our client processes prescriptions for patients which they ship through UPS. They wanted to generate the UPS shipping label directly from CRM. Our team worked closely with the client and UPS to quickly learn and then utilize the UPS API to integrate with CRM Online. Key features:

  • Validate a patient’s address using the UPS API.
  • Generate a cost comparison chart based on Shipping zip code and delivery time (Ground, Next Day, etc).
  • Select a shipping option and call our Azure hosted service to generate a label.
  • Print the label directly to a Zebra printer and allow label reprinting if required.
  • Automatically capture the shipping costs in CRM.


Docusign provides an out of the box integration with Microsoft CRM. Our client in Norway had specific requirements that were not addressed by the out of the box solution. Our team used the DocuSign REST API and worked with DocuSign to implement our client’s requirements. Key features:

  • Create a document from template dynamically based on CRM data.
  • Submit a custom created document from CRM to DocuSign using their REST API.
  • Ability to specify signers for the document. Norwegian language support.
  • Integrated embedded signing for DocuSign on a custom portal.
  • Check Signature status of the document and update CRM data with the signed status and time.


  • We have a QuickBooks Online deployment and wanted to integrate customer creation from CRM Online to QuickBooks. Additionally, we have a business rule that an Account becomes a customer only after we start their first Project in CRM.
  • Business rules in CRM to send information to QuickBooks.
  • Submit data to Azure hosted ‘Listener Service’ using Azure plugin functionality in CRM.
  • Get QuickBooks ID as part of customer submission from CRM to QuickBooks.
  • Mark customer as ‘integrated’ along with QuickBooks ID in CRM.